When it comes to everything from wood blinds to cordless shades, homeowners know they can turn to Payless Decor for all of their interior design needs. Now, we've added a wide selection of area rugs to our inventory to give loyal customers the opportunity to purchase high-quality floor coverings from a brand they already trust.

Lil Mo kids rugs
As a parent, you know how important it is to make your home a safe haven for your kids by baby-proofing everything in sight - including your flooring. If you have hardwood or tile in large areas of your house, your childrenmay be prone to slipping, falling and suffering from an unfortunate injury.

Lil Mo Kids Rugs are the perfect solution to this problem, providing softness and safety beneath your children's feet in beautiful designs. Lil Mo Classic rugs have a cut loop construction that adds to the texture of the piece and makes it plusher to the touch. Whether your little ones are into sports or toy trucks, there's a pattern to suit your children's decorative tastes as well as your own.

Momeni rugs
While you might love the look of your hardwood floors, you're aware of how easily they can get scuffed up in high-traffic areas. A floor rug is an optimal solution to this problem, and Payless Decor has several beautiful options from Momeni that can complement any existing interior design.

Momeni has several separate collections, ranging from the Bliss Collection to the Elements Collection, which offer rugs in rich colors and eye-catching patterns. Whether you're looking to bring tranquility into your living space or a modern edge, there's a Momeni rug for you.

Indoor/Outdoor rugs
If you have an enclosed porch or sunroom, you know how difficult it is to keep your floors clean as your family frequently walks through this heavily used area. That being said, you don't want to avoid using it - you just want to make it easier to keep tidy!

Indoor/Outdoor rugs from Payless Decor can help you get the job done. These rugs are designed to resist stains wherever you want to make cleaning a little simpler. Indoor/Outdoor rugs are ultra durable and braided to hold up against wear and tear. In addition to being used in porches, these rugs are perfect for other high-traffic areas such as kitchens and family rooms.