When you're spending a lot of time in your home, you might start to get a little tired of the decor, especially if it's been awhile since you made any updates. This is perfectly natural - why else do you think people are always changing things around? But when you're switching things up on a regular basis to keep your interiors fresh and exciting, you don't want to be shelling out tons of money each time. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap ways you can upgrade your design schemes - and they won't take you long, either! How about trying one of these quick projects?

New paint
A can of paint and a paintbrush or two are probably the least expensive supplies you can get for a fast makeover. And the best part is that a color change can make a huge difference, whether it's on the walls or your furniture. Even going just a couple of shades lighter or darker can transform the entire look of a space. But before you make a commitment, get a few samples and test them out to make sure you love the hue you choose.

Custom blinds and shades
If your window treatments are hardly making an impact on the room, it's probably time to pick up some blinds for less. There are a variety of stylish options, like faux wood or bamboo roman shades, that can make your windows the stars of the show in a snap.

Are you tired of the sofa situation but unwilling to break out your wallet for a whole new set? If so, why not try a couple of slipcovers? These come in a number of materials, colors, patterns and textures, and they often fit well enough that you can hardly tell they're not the actual fabric of the couch. Plus, you can take them off and wash them if they ever get dirty.

Area rugs
If new carpets or hardwood floors aren't in your budget, area rugs might be the perfect alternatives. Not only can their colors and designs create an entirely new look for your rooms, but these accent pieces can cover up existing carpet stains as well as scuffs in the hardwood. How convenient!