The use of statement-making floral motifs is a win, regardless of the season. Here are some suggestions for using this trend in your home.

Martha Stewart recommends thinking outside the box and trying a larger-than-life wall decal. In addition to being easily changed with the holidays or on a whim, the unique but inexpensive wall flowers are sure to turn heads.

Another creative�option for decorating with floral motifs is hanging a series of high contrast flower prints on your wall. It's an interesting take on traditional paintings of garden scenes while still utilizing the florals themselves.�

For the office, consider pressing a few of your favorite blooms from the garden. Then place them on your desk, under a sheet of glass heavy enough to not slide around and cut to fit the surface. If your desk has a darker finish and you'd like your pressed flowers to stand out, cut a sheet of quality white or light colored paper to size to slip under the blossoms prior to adding the layer of glass.�

The rest of the room
The exact bloom that you choose won't necessarily make or break the space - it's more about how it fits in. If you want to use a floral as a focal point, the rest of the design should fall in line behind it, and vice versa. For example, if you choose to decorate with a large print of a sunflower, the pieces you choose elsewhere should complement that. In that case, keeping the rest of the room muted and airy with natural accents such as wood blinds and picture frames will�let the focus fall on the print while continuing the theme.�