Red is always a powerful color when used in home decor. It can be sheer drama in certain tones while calm and dignified in others. Regardless of the shade, if you aren't using this color at all in your home decor, you're missing a great opportunity. Here are a few tips to implement the lively hue in your home and capitalize on its distinct energy. 

Where to use red
This versatile color can find itself at home just about anywhere in the house: A red with orange undertones can add tremendous zeal to a kitchen or parlor while a darker red can make for a relaxing sitting room. Bedrooms can easily be painted with red, either with accessories and textiles or as an entire accent wall. Both girls' and boys' rooms can work well with a darker hue of red as well, especially when paired with other vibrant primary colors.

This color can also be effective outside the home. Painting your front door red will ensure that guests passing through your doorway feel energized and welcome, notes Country Living. A red door is a classic of farm houses and barns, so it's ideal for homes going for a country look. Try pairing your red door with simple window blinds or a white Roman shade to complete the look.

Pairing with red
Since red is such a powerful color, it's a great opportunity to go all-out and use dramatic accessories, notes Real Simple. A red room can host decorations that other colors couldn't handle - for example, retro furniture and accessories repainted funky colors and wild wall decorations like antique vanity mirrors can work without a hitch. Walls in a blushing hue will be a perfect backdrop for other fun installments like backless bookshelves or collections of pottery and plates since you'll still get a peek of the red behind them. 

Although this color can be as dramatic as you please, gentler tones like maroon and brick are more dignified. These colors lend themselves well to studies, home offices and personal libraries. The shade will make you feel warm and cozy as you settle down to enjoy a nice read. 

You may even want to keep your red usage to highlights, which can be just as bold as an entire wall. In rooms with lots of white or neutral-toned decor, a few red items will pop and take bland to bold. Try adding a red throw pillow to a pure white couch and enjoy the effect the stark color combination has on your eye.