You might already have faux blinds, drapes and decorations throughout your home that cater to the interior design you're trying to achieve, but do they fall in line with the hottest trends? Each year, there's something new to be said about everything from wood blinds to wallpaper. Whether you're interested in remodeling in the near future or you simply want to keep your home looking fresh, here are some of the most popular trends in interior design.

Nature in the home.
As HGTV designer David Bromstad told, nature rules supreme when it comes to updated interior design. If you've always wanted bamboo window shades, floral linens and tropical house plants throughout your home, now is the time to get going! Nature-inspired living spaces can keep your home from looking dated.

Blue is the color.
As The Huffington Post reports, blue is big in interior design this season, and only the sky is the limit. Whether you enjoy cobalt blue or baby blue in your living room, every shade is fair game, and it doesn't have to only be applied to your walls. If you're feeling more adventurous, consider bold blue furniture and wall art to show people you're serious about using one of the hottest interior design colors to date.

Metallics bring the shine.
Have you felt as if your living spaces could be more eye-catching? There's no better way to accomplish this goal than taking advantage of one key trend - metallics. Specifically, reports that copper is growing in popularity among amateur and professional designers alike. Consider looking for copper lighting fixtures and decorative accents to add a little shine to your rooms.

Textures continue to be big.
Throughout the year, texture has been everything when it comes to chairs, tables and accent pieces. Now, one key texture has become a hit among those looking to create a sense of elegance in their living spaces - velvet.

Whether your sofa could stand new upholstery or you're in the market for new reading chairs, keep velvet in mind as you shop around. If you aren't crazy about using throughout a room, you can look for velvet pillows and throws to ensure you still have the texture somewhere in the space. By taking these design tips into consideration, you can be sure your interior decor never grows stale.