If you're a cat owner, you may know all too well how destructive those critters can get when it comes to your window treatments. Not only can they leave behind fur that's tough to get out of fabrics, but they might even shred your blinds and curtains with their claws. What's a feline lover to do?

For starters, consider buying cordless shades. Without a string to attract your cat's attention, these varieties won't tempt kitty to come closer, which could end up saving trailing window treatments as well. It may also help to make sure that your cat has other options nearby, like a tower or a scratching post.

If nothing seems to keep your furry friend away from the window coverings, you may need to take preventative measures. One option is to use double-sided tape on the areas of the curtains that your cat tends to favor. The sticky surface should be enough to repel him or her. You might also want to look into pet products that can make the area smell unattractive. Problem solved!