A typical bathroom is one of the most important and frequently used rooms in any home. Between grooming before work in the morning, washing away the day before bed and everything in the middle, your bathroom can contribute to a lot of energy use during an average day. Because of this, you might want to consider making a few eco-friendly decor updates to this space. Not only will this help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle, but you'll also lend a fresh, new look to your bathroom. Here are some green design tips to get started.

Natural lighting
Your bathroom's lighting fixtures can use a lot of electricity over the months - particularly in the summertime when energy costs tend to be higher. Because of this, consider making natural lighting the primary means of illuminating this space in the daytime. If you're worried about nosy neighbors peeking through your windows, frosted glass along with cordless shades can provide you with privacy without cutting off your supply of daylight. These will also give your bathroom a nice decorative boost.

Conserve water
The most consumptive aspects of your bathroom are likely the shower, sink and toilet. In a given day, a family of four can use dozens of gallons of water, so replacing these appliances with more sustainable models should be on your list of bathroom updates. If your toilet was made before the early 1990s, you may want to replace it with a low-flush alternative. You can also install faucets in your shower and sink that inject air directly into the water stream to maintain pressure while limiting usage.

If you're looking to incorporate some new furnishings into your bathroom, antiques are the ultimate reusable decor materials. An old family heirloom or piece you find at a flea market can be just the touch your home needs to create a comfortable and attractive design.