Sliding doors are super convenient, but they're somewhat problematic when it comes to deciding what to cover them with. You don't want the sun to shine through that huge space all the time, but you don't want to have to dodge hanging blinds and shades on a regular basis either. Here are a couple of ways you can effectively cover up those sliders.

For starters, how about setting yourself up with a couple of great tiebacks on either side? These can help you gather curtains and other hanging window treatments out of the way where people won't have to move them aside when entering or leaving.

Vertical Blinds are typically used, but Sliding Panels are a terrific, stylish option that is highly functional and great looking when paired with a sliding glass door.

Roman shades could work too, because they can be pulled down when you want coverage and raised to above head-height when you don't, giving your family and guests enough room to go underneath. A valance or other type of window topper could provide further decoration without getting in the way of the door.

Custom window shades will ensure that you have exact measurements that will enhance the function and aesthetic of your slider. No more having to worry about excessive sunlight!