If you're looking to add a little life and color to your living space, some fresh green potted plants might just do the trick. Just like any other decoration, you should choose your plants and their placement wisely, so each of them perfectly complement your living space.

When going with a colorful flower theme, you may want to base your decision on the color of your carpets, walls, blinds and shades. If you have a pink carpet, you can match it with some pink limonium, or perhaps a vase of tulips of a similar color.

Some plants require a lot of sunlight, while others do fine in the shade. HGTV suggests grouping plants together that have similar sun requirements for optimal plant health. A great way to create disparity within your clusters of plants and flowers is to use bricks wrapped in decorative fabric to help vary their heights.

To help bring an elegant and refined feel to your living room, browse through some antique shops and find old pots and vases that are slightly tarnished but have a unique pattern. For a stylish backdrop, place your vintage pots in front of some bamboo blinds that can be half or three quarters-raised to allow in the right amount of sunlight.