Having fresh and exciting artwork in your home can create a relaxing and interesting feel throughout your dwelling. However, it can be difficult to figure out where exactly certain pieces should go in terms of which room and in what spot.�

The artwork
Having a varied selection of artwork is a great start, notes DecorGirl.net. Using a good selection of flat and three dimensional works may help to make your home's decor more stimulating. Additionally, it's good to mix different styles and color palettes, from majestic landscapes to more vibrant and modern works. If you're using prints instead of originals, framing them can create a dignified air that a poster by itself may lack. Original works by well-renowned artists are usually extremely expensive, but you may be able to find quality works by lesser-known artists at art colleges and local galleries.

Generally speaking, it's important to have a few pieces in each room to create a flow. If there is just one, large work, it may create a negative focal point. Instead, try using spreads of wall art to lead the viewer's eye from one side to the other. If you have a group of prints or paintings that are not the same size, Style Studio recommends� hanging them in a staggered form. Try hanging the objects in an arc over a permanent fixture like a shelf. To get a feel for how the hung works will look together, place them on the floor or a table and see how the total arrangement looks before you hang it up. This could save you time and even some work in removing unwanted nails later.

It's very important to have good lighting for your works. After all, most artwork, especially originals, look best in natural light. However, too much light can harm your pieces and could potentially lead to permanent damage. Using cellular shades or pleated shades can help you to allow just the right amount of natural sunlight into a room. This can even be an opportunity to save money for more artwork if you use discount blinds. These blinds and shades�are just as good as more expensive ones but come at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to save money for more artwork.