As you measure your windows, you may find a window opening or two that are very large widths. In some cases it may be a picture window or an opening that has multiple windows within that opening. There are a few different options worth considering that have their respective positives and negatives.
3 blinds in a single window
Option 1: A single blind or shade 
Payless Decor blinds and shades have maximum widths that can be six, seven, or eight feet or longer, and thus can cover many large openings. One thing to consider is the weight of the window treatment and how much you are going to  want to open/close it. Faux Wood blinds, for instance, can be very heavy and a single blind of a large width may be somewhat difficult to lift. Many of our shades in very large widths have the option to add a continuous cord or clutch lift mechanism, which can make lifting and lowering a large shade far easier than a standard cord system.  Of course in the case where you have multiple windows in a large window, you won't have the opportunity to have the blinds at various lengths, but at the same time you only have to open/close you window covering once. 

Option 2: Multiple blinds or shades on a single headrail
Many of our window coverings can be ordered with a single headrail that contains 2 or 3 treatements on it. This can be a terrific solution for a single opening that has multiple windows because it adds the flexibility of having your coverings open at different amounts, but you also have a consistent look at the top of your window, with a single valance and/or headrail depending on the type of treatment. When you are evaluating for this option, make sure the headrail can be installed properly and has a flat surface to mount. Another benefit is that having multiple, smaller, lighter blinds will make it easier to open and close. When ordering a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 window treatment, we automatically make each blind even in width. However, it can be quite common on a 3-on-1 headrail to have a large center opening, and smaller side openings. If you require different widths, simply place your order and contact us here or via the 'contact us' form on the top of the page to let us know the various widths you need with the order number you receive once your order is placed. 

Option 3: Purchasing multiple blind or shade separately 
When you order multipe blinds or shades separately, each will come with an individual headrail, and valance (if the window treatment selected comes with a valance). Each blind or shade will come with its own deductions. To be certain that your window treatments will fit on an inside mount simply make sure the total width of the shades you order equals the total width of the opening and that each shade is ordered as 'inside mount'. On an outside mount, please note that there are some window treatments where the valance comes larger than the width ordered, horizontal wood blinds, for example. In these cases you may want to contact us and tell us about your particular situation so that we can ensure the blinds you receive fit exactly as you want.