There's nothing better than sitting down and relaxing on a porch after a long, hot day of work or weekend chores in the summertime. Porches are also convenient spaces to host guests, as they're typically a mix of indoor�and outdoor aesthetics. But is your porch comfortable enough to provide you with a go-to getaway? If you think there's room for improvement, here are a few ideas to help you revamp that space.

"Wicker, rugs, lanterns, lamps, artwork and accessories," says the Southern Hospitality blog. "All of those items make for a cozy porch to enjoy with family and friends." But what style should you go for, and how should you put the items together?

For starters, you'll want to make sure that the space is comfortable as far as illumination is concerned. You want plenty of natural light to flood the space during the day, as well as shade for when the sun starts to set on long summer nights - the lower position can be a nuisance if the rays are blinding your eyes. Outdoor blinds and shades can ensure that you get the best of both worlds on the porch, and roller shades in particular make it easy.

Once the lighting issue is settled, it's time to pick a theme. Country cottage might be right up your alley if you like a homey, cozy feel, while a seaside theme could work if you live close to the beach. Mediterranean d�cor is also very trendy right now - it relies on natural colors and earthy materials with a Greek, Italian or Spanish twist. Do some research to find a theme that suits your tastes.

When you've chosen the perfect decorations, set up your arrangement so that there's plenty of seating with good views of the outdoors. A large coffee table in the middle provides a place to set drinks or food when you're entertaining. Perfect!