House Beautiful dubbed the hi-tech man cave one of the top 2013 interior decorating trends, and it's hard to disagree. Who would object to making the sweaty rec room into a�more upscale area? Here's how to transform the cave into an elegant�but masculine�TV room.�

Don't neglect design
One of the worst things about the typical "man cave" is that it looks like a space thrown together with spare parts - a shag rug, plaid sofas and mismatching curtains does not make for the most attractive room. Stick to a specific design in your decor. Both rustic and contemporary design are gorgeous while still being masculine, and they use similar elements. Decorate with a lot of rustic, natural materials like wooden blinds, canvas fabrics or leather accessories, and try to use a muted color palette.�

Keep the team colors to a minimum
As a general rule, vivid green and yellow should not be painted on all the walls to match the giant Green Bay Packers rug you received as a gift from your mother-in-law. That being said, there are other ways to show pride, such as artfully framed photos from the team's winning games, or by putting vintage memorabilia on display. If you want a quirky man cave, derive colors from the uniforms and subdue them in some way. For example, for Packers fans, use a deep green as your primary decorating color and light yellow as an accent and offset these with natural materials. Sports watchers will get the hint, but anyone who isn't an avid fan will find it a tastefully decorated room.�

Up the tech
The man cave is all about comfort, and what's more comfortable than�having hi-tech accessories do most of the work for you? Consider installing custom window treatments that retract automatically or a flat screen TV mounted into a frame on the wall, fitted with a DVR to record the games while you're away. You could also set up an overhead projector facing a white wall, so you can watch the game (or your program of choice) on a big screen without the big screen price, or the look of a massive TV in your home.�