While soon enough you'll be wearing jeans, sweatshirts and light jackets during the fall, it's still pretty hot outside. But are a few more weeks of heat worth turning on the air conditioner and jacking up your energy bill? If the answer is no, you might be looking for ways to affordably keep your house cool. Don't worry - there are plenty of ways to do so!

Keep windows covered
If you've noticed your body, a piece of furniture or even your cat getting hot because of sunshine streaming through the windows, it's time to get those covered. Roller shades for windows are a simple choice, or you could get a bit more stylish with faux wood blinds. Either way, you'll be preventing excessive light and heat entering your home.

Turn on ceiling fans
Ceiling fans are often a lot more effective than window fans or upright fans placed in the corner of a room - they help keep the entire area cool from above. Turn 'em on if you have 'em, and consider investing in a few if your home isn't already equipped. You'll feel a big difference immediately.

Tint your windows
In addition to your blinds and shades, consider applying tinted film to your windows to not only keep your house cooler, but prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. You'll be keeping your family comfortable and their skins safe. If tinted windows don't sound appealing, you should know that there are clear options available!

Plant some greenery
Whether it's a tree or a really big bush, greenery can do a lot to prevent sunlight from scorching your interiors. Look for varieties that are already pretty big if you can, otherwise you'll have to wait a year or two to reap the shady benefits while they grow to size!

Use curtain liners
An extra layer of fabric under your curtains sounds like it would create more heat (which it does in the winter), but during the summer it helps block out heat and keep your home cooler. Even better, choose light colors that will reflect sunshine rather than absorb it. White or cream are good options.

Turn off the lights
Keeping the rooms of your house illuminated for hours on end can raise the temperature indoors, and it's also a great way to increase your electricity bill! Turn off the lights when you don't need them, and make sure your family does the same!