Repainting a room is an easy way to completely overhaul the way the space feels, but choosing the right color can be intimidating. The color your choose will likely be there for a long time, so use these tips to gain a new source of inspiration.

Choosing the color
This is the big decision�for painting any room. Before making your choice, it's always a good idea to head down to the local hardware store and get a wide variety of paint swatches to get an idea of what�a room will look like. Remember, dark paints can make a room feel smaller while lighter ones may not leave much of an impression or make the room feel too big. Test the paint you want to use before doing the entire room - this could save you a lot of time in the future.

Each tone�comes with its own feel and mood. Generally speaking, yellow and blue�please just about everybody. The human eye is best able to detect yellow, notes HGTV, so this�is often a good, crowd-pleasing�choice. It has a warm and pleasant feel that can make people feel very comfortable. Blue, the color of clear skies and the ocean, is also soothing�and calming, so this can be great�rooms where people congregate or want to relax, like the bathroom.�

Green and brown are good choices�if you want to add a natural feel to your home. These colors may remind you and your guests of the countryside, though certain darker shades of green can also have a regal quality to them. Much like dark and rich greens, violets and deep reds can also bring a strong and powerful feeling�to a room�that can be very effective, though may be overwhelming if used too much. Colors like this are often best used in combinations to get the desired effect. Even mixing two shades in different tones can be enough to avoid oversaturating the room, notes

Choosing the accessories
Adding a few new elements to a freshly painted room will help to tie the new look together. One easy way to do this is to utilize some new cloth items like Roman shades or throw pillows. These often come in vibrant tones that will wake up the whole room and complement your new paint color. Choosing the right blinds and shades can also be very helpful, since they will allow just the right amount of light in to accentuate your new color.