Eco-friendly interior design is the new norm these days, not only because it's better for the Earth, but because natural elements look fresh and modern. If you're looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of your space while making Mother Nature happy, consider incorporating these three materials into your interior design plans.

1. Bamboo. From bamboo floors to bamboo curtains, this material is ideal for adding inexpensive style to your rooms. It's long-lasting, attractive and eco-friendly because bamboo is a quickly renewable crop.

2. Wood. It may seem obvious, but wooden elements make for a wonderful, sustainable design scheme. Whether you make your own wood vase with tree bark, twine and a little help from Martha Stewart or invest in unique, rough wooden furniture, you're doing your decor and the planet a favor.

3. Cork. Cork flooring is not only attractive, but the cork tree is a sustainable resource and many tiles are made from scraps left over from the cork wine-stopper industry. It's durable, fire-resistant and soft under your feet to boot! Even cork bulletin boards are design-friendly.