If you have a guest bedroom that could use new discount window treatments, decorations and a cohesive interior design scheme, think beachy! A seaside theme can instantly turn your guest room into a humble retreat that your guests look forward to using every time they visit.

Even if the rest of your home has a contemporary or country theme that doesn't seem to mesh with a nautical approach, think of the guest room as its own entity. Use free reign when decorating to create the interior design of your dreams. In the end, both you and your guests will be satisfied with your efforts! Here are a few tips on how to create the beachy feel you're striving for in this living space.

1. Select window treatments that remind you of the seashore.
When people look at your windows, you want to make them feel as if they'll see an ocean once they peer through them. The easiest way to do this is to put up window treatments that give off a nautical feeling. For example, wood blinds can create a rustic theme and make visitors feel as if they're in a Cape Cod bedroom. Whimsical bamboo shades can give off a tropical feeling if that's the direction you want to head in.

2. Bring in nautical, beachy decor.
It's the small pieces that can bring an interior design scheme together, whether you're going for a country look or a design that reminds you of the beach. In this instance, you'll want to look for decorations such as seashells and sea glass to give off the feeling of the seashore. For a quaint touch, look for pieces of wall art that display seascapes or shorelines. It's these pieces that can be the difference between an interior design that falls flat and a guest bedroom that makes you say "Wow!"

3. Look to nature for color inspiration.
If you're at a loss as to which colors to use throughout the guest bedroom, look to the shore for inspiration. Ocean blues, sandy beach beiges and sunset yellows are all hues you might want to consider using throughout the space. These can bring your interior design theme together and make your guests truly feel as if they're lounging on the beach.

While you might not think much about the decor in your guest bedroom, it's worth taking another look before you have visitors over to ensure they have a great stay.