If you have a teenage girl who's desperate to have a room away from her siblings, she might jump for joy once you let her move into a spare living space in your home. However, conflict may arise if you both can't agree on an interior design that meets both of your decorating goals. While there's a wide variety of discount window treatments, bedding and furniture to choose from, there's no guarantee that you and your daughter will be able to easily agree on these necessities. Here are some helpful tips for creating a bedroom that you can both love.

1. Learn to compromise
Not seeing eye-to-eye with your daughter on wood blinds, linens and wall art for her room? Think of compromising on these key components to keep it fair. This might mean letting your daughter choose the comforter she wants while you get the say on the window treatments. An even-split can maintain the peace in your household throughout this project.

2. Add pieces of interest
Your daughter might want to paint her walls hot pink, but is this really a practical idea? Any request your teen has that may seem like a fad should be taken with a grain of salt. However, this doesn't mean that you should shun her input altogether. TLC recommends going neutral and simple on the main furnishings in the room such as the bed frame, dresser and desk. Then, add fun and colorful decorative accents throughout the space in the end to cater to your teen's desires. This might be anything from a lava lamp to a bean bag chair that can be used for relaxing.

3. Address your teen's needs
While your teen might be intrigued by the idea of bringing in a stereo system or a few lounge chairs, it's important to consider what she needs before you bring in accessories. For example, a desk is likely necessary to give your daughter a place where she can do her homework. Storage items such as baskets and drawers are practical as well for everything from clothing to stationery.

Whether your daughter is getting her own room next week or a few months from now, these tips can help you come up with an interior design strategy. In the end, brainstorming and compromising can be the keys to a satisfying living space.