If you're lucky enough to have an enclosed porch, you'll want to maximize this indoor/outdoor space to give your family another sanctuary to use in your home. While it can be difficult to decorate a bare bones porch, there are a few tips you can consider to spruce up the room in no time and turn it into one of your favorite areas.

1. Choose the right window treatments.
Because your porch likely has a series of windows as an indoor/outdoor space, you'll want to use them to your advantage when it comes to�the interior design of the room. Consider custom window shades for your porch to create the ideal design and allow natural light to flow freely through the area. There are also several discount window treatments you can find to cater to the theme of the room.

2. Find an inspiring area rug.
AllYou.com recommends looking for an area rug to bring your interior design together. The right rug can anchor your decor and help you create the rest of your look with the right furnishings and accent pieces. For your porch, it might be best to consider an outdoor rug that can handle the elements and changes in temperature if it's not completely enclosed. This type of rug is also ideal for high-traffic areas that endure an ample amount of wear and tear.

3. Splurge a little.
There's nothing like a room that exhibits your true personality and taste, but you might have to splurge a little bit along the way to accomplish this goal. Don't feel bad about it - Country Living Magazine recommends going big on a few items to create the overall design you desire and make your porch a room you'll love for years to come. If you find a rocking chair you love or a throw pillow you can't turn down, add it to your shopping list and bring it home to complete your design.

Although it can be difficult to create an eye-catching interior for an indoor/outdoor space such as a porch, even amateurs can achieve their goals when using these key tips. At the end of the day, creating a desirable design is as simple as doing a little planning ahead of time and knowing what to spend big bucks on as you shop.