Do you want your living spaces to have a clean, fresh look but you aren't into the idea of incorporating modern furnishings into your home? Just because you want an updated appearance with minimalism in mind doesn't mean you have to opt for contemporary decor. Classic styles can also provide the same sense of cleanliness and clutter-free living. Here are some tips on how to achieve a classic interior with the proper discount window treatments, furnishings and accent decorations.

1. Look for patterns
As you shop for everything from custom window shades to sofas, states that it's crucial to keep patterns in mind. Hounds-tooth to paisley can fit marvelously into a classic setting, adding intrigue to an overall interior.

2. Use international influences
As you look for furnishings and accent pieces to bring into your home, you may want to seek inspiration from other countries, according to House Beautiful magazine. For example, an 18th century French sofa or 19th century Italian side table may be just what you're interested in and you don't know it! A combination of pieces from various countries can add character to your space.

3. Incorporate storage furniture
To make sure you have a clean appearance in your classic style room, you'll want to give your family places where they can keep their belongings out of sight. This might mean buying a few cabinets or bench seating with area underneath to keep everything from magazines to remote controls organized. In the end, you'll have less clean-up to worry about and be able to enjoy your interior design.

Whether you're interested in creating a classic room now or once the seasons change, these three tips can help you achieve your design goals and find satisfaction along the way.