While some homeowners might be concerned about getting all of the lights up on their houses in time for Christmas, there's plenty of decorating to be done indoors during the holidays as well. The changing seasons gives you the perfect opportunity to bring in new discount window treatments, accent pieces and furnishings to make your home cozy before Santa's arrival. Here are some decorating trends to be mindful of as you deck the halls this year.

1. Choose hot colors.
Whether you're looking for a new artificial tree or ornaments, SheKnows.com recommends selecting decorative items in vibrant colors to fall in line with the season's most popular trends. Switch out your current window treatments for cellular shades or sheer curtains to allow sunlight to pour into your home and make the colors truly pop.

2. Go gold.
If you're having trouble incorporating hot pink or vibrant violet into your Christmas decor, keep it simple and shiny with gold instead. Golden candle holders, ornaments and wreaths can all give your home a sense of elegance and are pleasing to the eye.

3. Pick a theme.
Christmas can be considered a theme itself, but for many people, it doesn't narrow down the wide selection of decorations there are to choose from when it comes time to deck the halls. Select a theme such as the beach or the countryside to use as inspiration while you decorate your home for the holidays.

Even if you're on a budget this year, you don't have to shove these trends to the back of your mind. Consider getting crafty and making your own Christmas items to help your home sparkle before the new year. If you have children, you'll have the perfect little helpers to transform your humble abode into a winter wonderland.