If your discount window treatments aren't giving you the privacy and peace that you want in your home, there's no better time to upgrade than now. However, it can be challenging to choose new curtains, drapes and blinds if you haven't done so in years. There are an abundance of different styles on the market today - which ones should you use? Here are a few of the most effective window treatments when it comes to creating privacy and a relaxing atmosphere in your living spaces.

Wood blinds
Wood blinds are perfect for homeowners who want an easy way to access privacy as well as warm up their rooms. The wood material creates a cozy, elegant feeling while blocking out natural light with its thickness. Furthermore, wood blinds can be simply opened or closed on a dime for the utmost privacy.

Cordless shades
If you're irritated by the glares that develop in your room through the holes in your window treatments, think about bringing in cordless shades. Not only are they easy to control, but they can reduce the risk of injury in a household with children and pets.

Layered drapes
To create additional privacy as well as keep warmth within a home, Houzz.com recommends layering window treatments. This means using more than one drape or curtain to provide insulation as well as limit the amount of light that flows into a space.

Sliding panels
One way to increase privacy without completely blocking out light is through sliding panels. HGTV recommends ultraviolet ray blocking panels to prevent sunlight from causing furniture and flooring to fade over time.

Whether your living room needs more privacy or your bedroom, taking these window treatments into consideration can help you narrow down your options. Any of these choices can ensure you're happy and comfortable in your own home.