If you're lucky enough to have a guest bathroom in your home, you'll want to ensure it sparkles and shines to impress visitors when they come to stay at your humble abode. When it's not a busy time of year for guests, like during the holidays, you might not give your spare bathroom the TLC it deserves.

That being said, the discount window treatments, decor and fixtures could likely use upgrades before you welcome another visitor. Here are a few tips on how you can spruce up your bathroom in time for your next guest and wow everyone who takes a peek in this space.

Bring in more natural light.
If you're lucky enough to have a window or two in your guest bathroom, why not allow the sunlight flow through and enhance your existing interior decor? Cordless blinds are great options for your bathroom windows - they provide privacy when you want it, but can be easily opened to let more light into the space. More illumination can also make the bathroom seem larger.

Think about rearranging.
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine recommends rearranging the main fixtures if you're interested in an overhaul to make your guest bathroom truly shine. Take a few moments to lay out where you want your toilet, sink, shower and tub before you begin the project. If you've tried changing the interior design of the space numerous times in the past but nothing seems to enhance the room, rearranging fixtures might be the perfect solution.

Try new paint.
There's no easier (and budget-friendly) way to improve a bathroom than by adding a new splash of paint on the wall. Whether you've had the same color in your guest bathroom for years or you have wallpaper that's peeling away, now is the best time to revamp the space. Painting can be done over the course of one weekend and it can create a completely different feeling in your bathroom, whether you want it to remind users of the seashore or the French countryside.

Once you've used some of these tips to revolutionize your guest bathroom, you don't have to stop there. Small finishing touches can help you make the bathroom truly your own - find a soap dispenser or towels in your favorite color to personalize the space. In the end, the little efforts will pay off every time you walk into the room.