Deep oranges, burnished browns, deep golden yellows and rich reds. These colors of fall appear in all aspects of home décor during autumn months. Orange may be a secondary color, but it is an exciting one to help accentuate the standard shades with fun accents. Orange has an electric feel when bright, yet that same bright and brash tone can be mellowed out into a muted shade that's more suitable for relaxation and contemplation.

Read on for some tips on using orange in your home decor.

Bright and exciting
If you find that you're in love with the color orange, painting your walls a bright hue can be just the way to use this color. With an energy that's hard to beat, bright orange still has a friendly feel that'll look great in the dining room or parlor. This color makes for the perfect backdrop to entertain your guests with its exuberant quality. 

You may also want to consider adorning your orange walls with artworks in complementary tones, noted Elle Decor magazine. Hanging some paintings with green and blues will help calm down the energy of the orange while still adding a considerable amount of grace to your space. Try hanging simpler blinds and shades, like wood blinds, to make sure that your guests aren't overwhelmed.

Add flavor with touches of burnt orange
Using a darker orange, like the color of a pumpkin, can be a great way to spice up a neutral space without taking away from its mellow nature. HGTV noted that hanging some dark orange accessories in a bedroom adorned with brown and gray will make for a color palette that you can get enveloped in. While you can achieve this tone with hanging lamps, you can also hang a few decorative items like small paintings or wood cuts to achieve the same goal.

Use orange to draw attention
Orange is an eye-catching color, so you can use it to draw focus to whatever you want to be the centerpiece of your room. Try framing a bay window with this color to draw your eye to the view outside. You may even want to consider highlighting your favorite pieces of furniture in the room with this spectacular color to guide your guests to their appropriate seats. Whatever you choose to do with this tone, it'll be sure to make a strong impression.