You love your pets and your home, but sometimes the two don't mix. Home decor is often based on a delicate balance of colors and placements and pets, who are often colorblind, generally won't appreciate this but here are a few good tips to  keep both in good shape.

Pet den
Oftentimes the best solution when a pet is damaging your home goods is to keep the two separated. This can be achieved by getting your pet to spend its time somewhere else, and one way to do that is to fill that designated area with things your pet loves. While cats may be a little harder to coerce, dogs generally like smaller, enclosed spaces where they can nap in peace, according to Better Homes and Gardens. To make a good space for your dog, try finding a large, empty cupboard or closet space you don't need and put a dog-sized floor pillow inside. You can even convince your dog to get inside with treats and its favorite toys.

Eye-catching items
Dogs and cats often seem to have a knack for destroying small and movable objects, so it may be best to keep your decorations grounded to the wall or the floor. For loose objects like vases or displayed artworks, try to put them against the wall or in places where your pet can't reach - this can be tricky if you have a cat. Another good tactic is to remove items that cats and dogs might think are toys. The drawstrings on your blinds and shades might get the wrong kind of attention from your pet, so consider using cordless cellular shades or any type of cordless window treatment instead. They are mch safer for your pet. Keep any sensitive electronic items like TV remotes, DVDs and MP3 players out of the way.

New toys
Sometimes the best way to keep your pet from damaging your decor is to give them something better to play with. While there are many good dog toys and treats out there - the classic bone for example - these can get very unappealing very quickly. HGTV suggests giving your dog or cat toys that better match your already-existing decorations. This way, your pets are happy enough with appropriate items to chew on and claw at while your home decor looks better.