It is always exciting to think about buying a new home. While I was out browsing properties recently I noticed a trend. Many of the new subdivisions featured an outdoor living space. The outdoor spaces were complete with fireplaces and a covered porch—and many even had hook ups for a television. I love this expansion of living and making the most of your investment. I cannot remember the last time my family sat outside for a long period of time together. This is something that I can implement now in my house without moving, and so can you! Plus, this is a simple way to add to the overall value of my home that won't require a contractor. I can work with what I currently have (which is not much).

Adding a chiminey solves my fireplace problem and I can have it delivered right to my door. These are great little free standing outdoor fireplaces. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors that will coordinate with anyone’s décor from something more modern to traditional.

Outdoor Image 1

After setting that up, I can add in new outdoor furniture or if you have some current furniture, just add new cushions for an update plus comfort. Plants can really up the ambiance too. Just a few large planters with greenery or flowers can elevate the space and as a bonus, those can be redone according to season or to enhance holiday decorating.

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And, one of the best things that Payless Décor offers that can add value to that outdoor living space is our Advantage Solar Shades.  These outdoor shades offer privacy and can cut down on summer heat.  They really make that space more functional.  You get to decide how much privacy too because we offer 14%, 10%, 5%, and 3% openness in some awesome neutral colors that will go with any color scheme. This is a sunscreen material that will block from 80% to 97% of UV rays while you still get natural light and view. Just choose the water resistant controls option. If you need to make sure the bottom rail stays in place, we do offer a bungee hold down option that is made for outdoors.

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So, whether we move or stay, my outdoor living area will be set.  My whole family will be able to enjoy this space as an extension of our home.  We can just sit and talk or enjoy a meal together in this beautiful outdoor oasis.