When you're buying custom window shades, you have the option of hanging them either inside or outside of the window frame. An inside mount offers a tidy look, but outside mounts also have certain benefits that you might be interested in.

For starters, outside mounts are good for windows that aren't quite even. If the top of the window is narrower than the bottom, you might call attention to it by mounting a shade on the inside of the frame, which probably isn't what you're trying to accomplish!

Outside mounts can also help hide older windows that have seen better days. An outside mount can even make the window appear larger, which could impact the way your room looks. For example, if you have a smaller space that's a lot taller than it is wide, you can add visual width with an outside mount that makes the window appear wider.

There are times when there is not enough depth to mount your window treatment inside in a window. Or if you have double-hung windows it is possible that there is no depth at all. In these cases you may be forced to mount out blinds on the outside.

Depending on your window configuration and requirements for light control in your room, an inside mounted blind may have a light gap that lets in unwanted light. In these cases you may want to evaluate an outside mounted blind that is 5 or 6 inches wider than your window. 

A shorter ceiling can also make a room look small, but you can lengthen the room by mounting the shades a couple inches above the frame of the window. Once you've made the decision to choose an outside mount for your discount blinds, you may never go back to inside mounts!