Post-Fourth of July sunburn keeping you awake? It takes a serious AC unit to completely rid your bedroom of the insufferable heat, and even then there's still that sticky, humid feeling�to contend with. Fortunately, your interior design can help. Stow your flannel sheets and red paint in the closet - this is the time of the year for a total cool-down bedroom makeover.

Custom window treatments to suit your needs
Sure, avoiding reds and yellows in your decorating will make you feel cooler, but choosing a set of energy efficient window treatments will actually help to lower the temperature in your home. First of all, it's important to keep your blinds and shades closed tight during the day or when the room is not in use. Otherwise, the sunshine will filter into your room and heat up the air. Natural light is a great decorating tool, but when the air isn't circulating and no one's home, it's best to be kept out.

There are multiple options for the best summertime window treatment. The U.S. Department of Energy noted that highly reflective or wood blinds are best in warmer months, as they allow for a very controlled amount of light, and when fully closed, the sun will bounce off of the surface rather than heating up the room. Drapes are also useful because in the summer, they can keep your room cool, but in the winter they help to prevent heat loss.

Turn down the temperature on your decor
As mentioned earlier, avoiding warm hues and overly cozy fabrics in your decor will make you feel cooler and help you to get out of the summer heat, both mentally and physically. Pigments that will beat the heat include cool colors muted with gray undertones - think of spaces that provide shelter from hot months, such as a body of water. One such palate might include bluish-gray with navy accents. Lighter colors also help to diffuse heat, as opposed to darker colors, which just attract sunlight.

Of course, shaking that hot, sweaty feeling is harder than just looking at some colors (though that doesn't hurt). For some relief to the sunburn, consider using satiny sheets. If the idea is too bachelor pad�for you, keep a single satin-like�sheet under your duvet so it's not on display during the day.