While your house or apartment may be stylish, it might not be very spacious. If the rooms in your home are smaller than you'd like them to be, you might want to consider ways to give the illusion of openness. One easy way to do this is by taking advantage of mirrors.

Mirrors can create depth in a room, and they're also great for reflecting light, making a space look brighter, airier and more open. Once you set up your mirrors and open up those faux blinds, you'll have a larger-looking room in no time. But where do you put them?

In a place like the kitchen, where there are many cabinets, mirror-fronted doors are ideal for fooling the eye. A mirror can also work in an unused fireplace, where it can make the floor space seem bigger and provide an unexpected focal point. If you're looking for a dynamic wall display, group several different types of mirrors together for an eclectic vibe.

LivingWithLindsay.com has a wonderful idea for creating your own gorgeous piece that can act as wall art while making your room seem larger.