Outdoor patios tend to be neglected during the winter - after all, who would want to spend any time there in the cold and snow? Once spring arrives, however, you may find yourself having to do some work on your outdoor living space, and bringing the patio back to life is a great chance to make improvements.

Clean house
The first thing you'll likely have to do is clean up any branches, leaves and other items that may have accumulated on your porch or patio during the winter. Don't neglect the house itself, as winter tends to be harsh on siding and trim. If you have vinyl siding, lucky you - a light scrub with a soft sponge, warm water and a little mild detergent will remove any dirt. Be careful with wood siding, however, as some cleaning agents can hurt the finish or the wood itself. Consider renting a power washer or hiring a professional if your clapboard or shingles could use some sprucing up.

In with the new
If not properly stored, your patio furniture may have taken a beating. Luckily, there's always room to improve. Getting some new chairs, tables and outdoor blinds and shades can do wonders to revitalize your patio. There are many options to consider with patio furniture, but a good one might be some rustic wood furniture, notes HGTV. This furniture will blend wonderfully with the outdoor foliage and will provide a bridge between the manmade and natural items found in your backyard. Pair this new furniture with some wood blinds or bamboo blinds as well as a few select plants to get an entirely new feel for your outdoor space.

Your patio is meant to bridge the gap between the interior and exterior of your home, so consider tapering off your interior-inspired decor as you get further from the house to transition into a truly nature-inspired outdoor space.