There's nothing more challenging than trying to decorate an unusually shaped window, especially if you're attempting to use discount window treatments you've had for years. In this instance, it may be in your best interest to invest in custom window shades, but what do you do once you have them covered?�

The bay window is a classic example of a style that can be difficult to decorate, even when it's large and offers homeowners an ample amount of space. Once you have wood blinds, curtains or drapes up, you might find yourself wondering what else can be done about the area. Here are some tips on how to spruce up a bay window and make it a show piece in your home.

1. Create a built-in bench
Bay windows can be a great place to kick back, relax and take in the view, according to Casa Sugar. For this reason, you may want to consider installing seating around your bay window to turn this area into a sanctuary in your home. More people are crafting custom bench seating in their bay windows to give themselves an area to sit and converse while relishing the scenes outside.

2. Select sheer discount window treatments
If you want to enjoy the natural light that comes in through your bay window, be sure to choose discount window treatments that allow sunlight to easily flow through the glass. Cellular shades are sheer options you can consider if you want easy-to-control treatments that cater to the bright, airy environment you strive to create.

3. Make it a work area
All of your visitors will be envious if you decide to turn your bay window into a work area, and why not? This location in your home can be a great place for a desk and chair, offering you a soothing view and natural light as you work, according to

4. Take inspiration from nature
If you need a little inspiration as you decorate around your bay window, why not look to Mother Nature? Think of displaying fresh flowers in your window to add color and beauty to your living space without going to too much trouble. In addition, the flowers will benefit from natural light, giving you less work to handle when it comes to decor!

Whether you've never had a bay window before or you haven't tackled a large one, these tips can help you achieve your interior design goals.