When it comes to decorating your guest room, you might make it low on your list of priorities, especially if you don't have visitors on a frequent basis. But it may be time for an upgrade if your pleated shades aren't what they used to be and your furnishings are relatively dated. Here are a few tips on how to spruce up your guest room and make it feel like a sanctuary away from home for your guests.

1. Let light flow into the room.

If your guest room is dark and dreary, chances are your visitors aren't going to have a great time in your living space. To ensure comfort and warmth, allow as much natural light as possible to flow into the room. Discount window treatments such as drapery panels that can be swept out of the way during the daytime are ideal for bedrooms that could use more sunshine.

2. Bring in freshness.

To immediately get rid of the stale feeling in your guest room, think about bringing in fresh flowers in a decorative vase before your guests arrive. Nothing says "Welcome!" like a new bouquet of flowers, and it can instantly bring life into the room. As an added touch, consider adding a few potted houseplants to the space.

3. Provide the basics.

Good Housekeeping Magazine recommends taking a cue from hotels and ensuring your guests have all the basics they need to be comfortable - specifically toiletries and towels. Leave a basket on the bed for when they arrive including small soaps, shampoo and a loofah for  ultimate convenience. Fresh towels are also a big plus - you don't want your guests to have to go looking for them when shower time arrives.

4. Pay extra attention to the bed.

The bed is a crucial part of how comfortable your guests feel in your home, according to MarthaStewart.com. Ideally, the sheets should be lightly tucked in (not too tight) for easy accessibility. If you have a large comforter or throw blanket on top, be sure to have airy sheets under it as a secondary option if your visitor doesn't want to use all of the linens. When it comes to pillows, you can never have too many. Place a variety of different sized pillows on the bed to give your guests a choice in what they use to sleep - people tend to have their preferences when it comes to pillows.