Spring is here at long last, which means it's time to bring the season into your home. With the burst of life, light and wonderful aromas that springtime brings, it might feel like it's hard to know�just where to start, so here are a few tips.

Nothing says it's the beginning of a new season like some fragrant, fresh and colorful flowers. There are several ways to work flowers and floral patterns into your home. For starters, you can bring some flowers inside by either picking them, buying them or growing them yourself. While frequently going to a florist for healthy, vibrant flowers�may seem expensive, The Huffington Post recommends buying�less expensive bouquets from supermarkets and rearranging them yourself. If flowers aren't suitable for your home due to lighting, pets or allergies, you may want to consider using a sturdier, non-flowering plant�like a cacti or an olive tree.

Spring is also a great time to start using floral prints and patterns for your decor. The change in season can be just the push you need to hang new decorations or even new wallpaper featuring the fun and exciting color palette of vivid yellows, green and blues or springtime flowers such as daffodils. You can easily match many of the hues in your new floral decorations with existing ones in your home or you can go big with all-new accessories like vases, lamps and�discount window treatments.

One of the best parts about�entering spring is the increased�amount of light that your home will get, especially in the mornings. All this sunlight can boost your energy levels as well as that of your home�and family. One great way to draw more sun�into your home is to utilize roller shades or cellular shades that allow some�light in even when they're closed. �

Getting outdoors
One great way to enjoy the warmer weather and aromas of spring is to simply get outdoors. However, you don't need to leave the comforts and style of home behind to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of spring. Better Homes and Gardens suggests going all-out and converting an existing patio space into an outdoor living room. You can even embrace smaller yards and�by using screens as makeshift walls. This will help to enclose your space and make your outdoor room feel comfortable and private for you and your guests.�