Having plain old window treatments can give an entire room a drab and unexciting feeling, but if you're looking for new curtains, blinds and shades, it's good to know what's trending.

Natural elements
Anything that evokes a natural tone or is made from natural materials is all the rage when it comes to window treatments, according to HGTV. Bamboo blinds, wood blinds and curtains with shades of greens and browns are just a few of the ways to make your windows feel more organic. If your window gets enough sunlight, why not go all the way and put potted plants there? Nothing feels closer to nature than living plants in your home.�Some windows can't support plants on their own or you may feel less inclined to incorporate them in your home due to rambunctious cats or allergies, but you could still utilize plants in�your decor: A bowl of fruit or the branch of an attractive plant like a pussy willow can fill the same role without spreading pollen..

New styles
It's becoming very chic to hide the simplify the appearance�of household items for the sake of a modern, minimal decor. This doesn't necessarily mean that everything has to be straight-laced, rather that simplicity should be emphasized. In terms of windows, Roman shades�are a great choice. These graceful window treatments work much like typical curtains but only appear as billowed rolls of gorgeous, colorful fabric. These treatments are also a great way to add a subtle splash of color to a room that may be otherwise dominated by neutral tones.�

New technologies
Each day there are dozens of new applications for smart phones that can do a wide variety of things - even control the curtains in your home. Once Loxone's system is set up, it is able to open and close your curtains�with the push of a button. With the proper set-up, curtains can be placed on an electric track so you are able to open and shut them with a simple touch of your smartphone. This service also allows you to automatically adjust the times that your curtains will open and close throughout the day, for instance, maximizing morning light while cutting down on afternoon glare. When combined with discount window treatments, this can be a very affordable way to bring your home decor into the future.�