Can't find the perfect ottoman design to complement the theme in your room that you are designing? How about creating your own by simply just stapling a rug or fabric on top! This easy project just requires four materials: an ottoman, heavy-duty shears or scissors, a staple gun and a rug.

Pick out the rug 
Make sure that the design of the rug complements the rest of the colors and themes in the room. A busy design can pair well with simple textured or pleated shades and basic draperies.  It is also important to measure the ottoman and find a rug that is larger than the dimensions so that you can cover the fixture completely and fold it under, in order to staple it together. The ottoman can be any color or in any condition, because it will be covered. 

Attaching the rug
Turn the ottoman over and unscrew the legs and completely take them off. Also, remove all nails, staples and tacks that are hanging out. If desired, spray paint the legs once they are disconnected. Lay the rug and ottoman face down on the floor, and place the ottoman on top. Pull the rug over the ottoman and start from one side stapling the rug to the bottom of the fixture. Make your way all around the perimeter, pulling the rug as tight as possible when attaching it. When stapling at a corner, fold in the rug on left and right side of the edge and tuck both sides underneath. When the rug is completely attached, cut off all fabric that is hanging after the staples. 

Final touches 
Cut holes on the bottom of the ottoman where the legs are supposed to attach. Insert the legs into the holes and screw them in. Find pillows that match and accessorize the rest of the room!