If your commode is like most peoples', then chances are it's significantly smaller than the other rooms in your home. While this comes with limitations in terms of decor,�it also brings opportunity. Because the bathroom is such a small space, it allows you to go a little crazy with color. Here are some tips for decorating a bold, colorful restroom.�

Pick your pigment
The first step in designing your brightly hued bathroom is to pick your pigment. Done the right way, any color can be used to create a sophisticated, stylish bathroom, but one money-saving way of decorating is to choose a pigment that complements your existing bathroom. For example, if you have dark marble floors, consider choosing a light lime color to brighten it. If your fixtures are primarily white, you could cultivate a Mediterranean feel and pick royal blue as your primary pigment. The most important part of choosing a color is to ensure that you'll like it in a month - pick a few�samples and paint them in stripes on the wall. Check to see what each looks like during different times of the day, as the shade will vary as the light changes.�

Temper the boldness
A bathroom in ceiling-to-floor lime green risks looking as though you simply spray-painted your entire bathroom. Efforts should be made to tame the color, such as using neutral custom window treatments, perhaps ones to match your shower curtains. Your accent can come in any form - for a bathroom painted tomato-red, consider using a distressed navy shade to balance it out, maybe in the form of bath towels. For lime green, use dark brown and beige to temper its boldness.�

Vary visual textures�
Varying your visual textures will help to prevent the color from being jarring, but it will also create interest. In a commode, there are a lot of options for texture. You could opt for an embellished shower curtain, bamboo blinds and tiles with contrasting grout. Using patterned towels and bath mat can also contribute to breaking up some of that daring pigment.

Hanging framed vintage posters or post cards is another quirky way of varying the colors while adding a level of sophistication to the space.�