If you're lucky enough to have a breakfast nook in your home, you know how relaxing it can be to unwind and sip on a cup of coffee in this small, cozy area. That being said, you want its interior to be just as pleasing to the eye as it is to you when you sit down for your morning joe. Here are some tips on how to improve the overall decor in your breakfast nook and make it one of the most prized areas of your home.

1. Make natural lighting a priority.
If it's been some time since you've changed the discount window treatments in your nook, there's no better opportunity to do so than now. Allowing more natural light to flow into a space can make it feel welcoming and create the illusion of additional space. Consider wood blinds in your nook to further that warm, cozy feeling and give you control over how much sunlight enters the area.

2. Use neutrals for elegance.
Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommends using neutral colors such as brown and eggshell to create an elegant, luxurious feeling in your nook. This can also make it so you can use the space for more than just breakfast - a get-together with friends over a small dinner won't be out of the question in an area that emits a feeling of both comfort and style.

3. Bring in a rug.
As the Huffington Post reports, you might just need an area rug to make your breakfast nook feel more cozy and chic. The right rug can anchor the rest of your interior design and give additional character to the space, making it a highlight of your home.�