Even if you live alone, it's likely that you spend a decent amount of time each week in your laundry room. The area has the tendency to look a bit bleak, whether it's a cramped space, in an unfinished basement or is part of a multi-purpose area. Here are some tips for brightening it up.

Small laundry rooms
In small spaces, efforts should be made to make the room appear less busy and cramped. One way to do this is by painting the walls white, or any particularly light hue. This will make the room look bigger and feel airier, eliminating some of the stressful feel. You could also try utilizing walls for storage to maximize the amount of available floor space and give yourself more room to move around in. Keep the walls and ceiling smooth and in solid colors, as texture - both visual and tactile - will make the space look smaller than it is. Roman shades, as opposed to blinds, are a great way of keeping the walls smooth. Try to place items in convenient, reachable places, so you're not forced to move around the tiny room as much.

Basement areas
A laundry room in an unfinished basement runs the risk of looking dark and unpleasant. You don't have to complete your cellar in order to reverse this process: There are some simple things you can do to make the space nicer. To make the area�seem less gaping, put in a divider. This could be in the form of a privacy screen, or custom window treatments hung from the ceiling. Aim for light or bright colors to counter the tendency of basements to be dark and musty looking. You can further divide the area by strategically placing a table on which to fold laundry in the space. Use a folding table to save money - but cover it with a bright tablecloth to liven it up. Consider putting a rug down in your washer and dryer area: Not only with this distinguish the pseudo-room, but it will also help to warm it up, as basements typically have cold, concrete flooring.

Strive to give yourself ample lighting in your laundry room. Avoid the traditional overhead basement lights and try to use antique looking floor lighting to give the space a unique feel.

Combination rooms
Laundry rooms are often combined with mud rooms or linen closets, which can cause mess and clutter.�Make it easier to keep clean by creating a system for yourself. Install cubbies or lockers, or place a chest by the door, apart from your washer and dryer, for your shoes and jackets to help organize yourself. Hide some of your laundry-related clutter by storing your detergent and other items in baskets or other containers, or by keeping them hidden on shelves behind patterned curtains.

More design ideas
To make the room beautiful, explore�unusual�ways to incorporate useful�but elegant design elements. HGTV recommends storing powdered laundry detergent in glass jars with metal scoops to eliminate the sometimes clashing bottles of product. Find a method of drying clothes that is also visually appealing, like hanging a stripped birch branch on the wall and hanging your delicates from it. Don't be afraid to use various wall decorations either - framed vintage detergent ads are a cute way of adding visual interest while keeping with your laundry room theme. You can also try hanging pretty baskets for a unique means of storage with maintaining form.