Choosing an appropriate bathroom window treatment is not a simple task. It requires creativity and attention to the entire setting to enhance the beauty of the room. Finding suitable bathroom window treatment(s) is part of the decorating process, contributing to the overall appearance of the room.


Draperies and Curtains


The drapery is considered a more sophisticated bathroom window treatment, suitable for bathrooms of more generous dimensions, with special furniture and accessories. Draperies require more wall space around the window.  Drapery panels are not retractable in the same way as other window treatments are and that is why they require more space. The majestic and fabulous look is more appealing for very large bathrooms.


Curtains have some advantages compared to other types of bathroom window treatments. If you are seeking inexpensive versatility, curtains are lightweight and can be easily suspended/removed from a rod with rings, tabs or rod-pocket casing. 


Shades are a great solution for a bathroom window treatment being that they can be easily raised or lowered. There are various types of shades that can be used for the bathroom, from our custom pleated shades, fabric roman shades, to our simple roll-up shades.


Shutters are another nice option for your bathroom window treatment, as they offer more possibilities than simple curtains.  They can cover a window from top to bottom or only the bottom part of the window. .


Blinds are still considered the most popular category of bathroom window treatment, due to their versatility and affordability. Blinds are excellent for spaces where light control or privacy is highly important. This makes them perfect for bathroom windows. You have many possibilities to choose from with several options, vertical blinds with up and down slats (pvc or fabric), and blinds with horizontal slats. Blinds are usually made of vinyl, wood, faux wood, aluminum.


Tips for a Better Choice


The dimensions of the bathroom are very important as this aspect will determine a better choice. Larger spaces look great with draperies and curtains while small bathrooms require other solutions. If you want to give even more of an effect with your window treatment(s), shorter curtains could give your bathroom a bold statement.


The dimensions of the bathroom windows also play an important role in the choice of suitable bathroom window treatments. The general tendency of smaller windows in the bathroom makes blinds, shutters, or shades more suitable than draperies and curtains.