Summer is almost halfway through, which means time is running out for planning that vacation you've been meaning to take all season. If you've been lucky enough to inherit the old family beach house, then chances are this is exactly the place you want to head for lazy days enjoying the salty air and sound of crashing waves. However, you may also find that your childhood vacation home's decor has grown a little worn down and outdated over the years. Here are some affordable upgrades that will breathe new life into your summer cottage.

Furniture covers
If that sofa or lounge chair grandma bought in 1973 is still lingering in the house, you've probably been considering replacing it for quite awhile now. However, if there's no danger of it collapsing in on itself, you can give it a purely decorative upgrade by using a furniture slipcover. These inexpensive covers can provide new colors and patterns while also protecting from stains and messes.

Modern touches
Embarking on a full overhaul of your beach home can be an expensive undertaking, but you can still create a significant impact by introducing a few modern touches around the home - after all, you don't want to completely lose that vintage aesthetic. Instead, consider focusing on new items such as area rugs, lighting fixtures, shower curtains, custom window shades or a new coffee table for a hint of 21st-century design.

Nothing transforms a home's interior like a fresh coat of paint, so consider bringing a new color scheme into a few rooms in your beach house. If this seems like too intense of a project, you can still lend visual interest to the space by picking select walls to paint in bright hues to offset neutral ones like white, beige or gray.