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  1. Inexpensive yet practical - cordless mini blinds may save the day!

    If you happen to be considering mini blinds for your window covering, I strongly urge you to consider our Advantage 1” Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds: cordless-mini-blinds.html. These blinds are a really affordable cordless option that gives you child and pet safety. And, these are not the standard plastic mini blind you see offered from other stores. These are made from a light-weight yet durable 7 gauge aluminum slat that will give you years of smooth and reliable operation. All that is necessary to operate these mini blinds is a simple pull or push of the bottom rail to lower and raise the blind into place. By grasping the bottom rail and tilting up or down you can control the tilt function to open and close the slats too. This totally eliminates the corded operation and even a wand for the tilt function. To me, that will streamline the look of the blind for a sleek and modern touch. This is a great window treatment to go around a sink or bathroom

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  2. How to Cover Transom Windows

    How to Cover Transom Windows

    Often with transom windows, you may opt to keep them open with no window covering.  But, in instances where you need additional privacy or the ability to deflect light, it may be necessary to cover your transom windows.  Since transom windows are odd sizes, Payless Décor is a great place to shop since we are able to customize our window treatments to your exact specifications. 

    First, you will want to decide if you will be inside or outside mounting the shades or blinds.  Typically inside mount is favorable when possible. You also will want to consider if you are covering a window below it - in that case it is almost always preferable to use the same mounting technique for the top and bottom window to provide consistency.  Once you decide, we have some easy to follow inside and outside mounting instructions CLICK HERE:

    After you choose the mount type and marked down your width and

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