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  1. Using purple in spaces throughout your home

    If you're in the market for new discount window treatments, accent decor and furnishings, you may want to narrow down your choices by selecting a color. One hue that continues to grow in popularity is purple, and it's not just a color meant for little girls' bedrooms anymore. Purple comes in multiple shades to suit your interior design goals, whether you want to create a calm environment or one with a hint of romance. Here are some ways that you can incorporate this hue into your home.

    Try it in your window treatments
    Do you intend to bring in drapes to use over your wood blinds f

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  2. Four signs that prove your dining room needs a makeover

    If you've been staring at the same wood blinds, tables and chairs in your dining room for a decade, it might be time for an upgrade. Even if you're on a budget, there are a few ways you can improve your dining room to turn it into one of the most treasured spaces in your home.

    Furthermore, sprucing up this area will give you additional space to entertain. No longer will you have to worry about your family members remarking about your interior when they come over for the holidays!

    Not sure if it's time to remodel your dining room? Do you think you can make you discount window treatments, wall art and wallpaper last another decade? Here a

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  3. Three tips for efficiently cleaning your curtains and drapes

    When it comes to natural beauty, there's nothing like having the ability to easily allow sunlight into a living space through wood blinds and shades. However, you'll likely want to spruce up your windows with curtains and drapes as well. These discount window treatments can add a sense of elegance into any area.

    But how do you properly clean them? While you might not think to give your curtains and drapes a good washing on a routine basis, failing to do so can cause a world of problems in your household. Soiled curtains can increase the risk of allergy complications and even make it more difficult for the sun to shine into a space. Here are some tips for cleaning y

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  4. Three colors to keep in mind when redesigning in 2013

    When was the last time you spruced up the discount window treatments, wall decor and furnishings throughout your home? If the interior designs of your most used spaces are falling flat, it may be because they've become outdated. This means that there's no better time to bring in cellular shades, decorative pieces and new furniture to showcase your most recent tastes.

    Furthermore, redesigning some of the frequented rooms in your home will give you a reason to entertain. You'll feel more comfortable in a space that you decorated yourself and reflects your personal style.

    That being said, it's no easy task to tackle a room that badly

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  5. Creating a traditional interior in your home

    When it comes to everything from discount window treatments to accent furniture, trends are constantly changing. This year, one that continues to grow in popularity is rose patterns, according to the Hattiesburg American. This flower is being seen in everything from wallpaper to throw pillows, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

    If you're in the market for new window treatments and you don't want to use cellular shades, why not choose drapes incorporating roses? The same can be said for

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  6. Nate Berkus shares interior design tips

    Just because you have trouble narrowing down your options when it comes to discount window treatments, furniture and wall paint doesn't mean you can't design a living space. In fact, this is a dilemma that many homeowners face, despite having a keen eye for everything from sofas to lamps. 

    Recently, professional interior designer and television personality Nate Berkus spoke out about his feelings on the matter in his new book, "The Things That Matter," according to The Canadian Press. Berkus, who is most renowned for his guest appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, has an extensive back

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  7. IMM Home Show debuts new sleek furniture styles

    If you've had the same discount window treatments, sofas and tables throughout your home for years, it may be time for an upgrade. One event that has provided an ample amount of inspiration for interior designers and homeowners alike is the IMM Home Show, according to The Huffington Post. This showcase is one of the most anticipated of the year, and for good reason. Here, professionals and amateurs alike can get ideas on what's up and coming in the world of furniture and design.

    This year, more than 1,200 companies from 50 countries debuted everything from couches to kitchen accessories. One of the most popular trends that

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  8. Key tips for revamping every room in your home

    If you constantly visit your friends' houses, only to leave jealous of their decor, you may want to think about sprucing up your own home. You don't need an ample amount of money in the bank to make small upgrades to each space in your house. While it may take some time to completely redecorating your rooms, doing so can leave you feeling more satisfied with your humble abode on a regular basis. To turn your home into the new talk of the town, take the following tips into consideration as you approach each room with a dream interior design in mind.

    Many homeowners are intimidated at the prospect of remodeling bathrooms. It's no secret that adjusting everything from wall tiling to plumbing can be costly, but you don't need to completely renovate the space to create more visual a

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  9. Three hot bathroom trends to try this winter

    While many people tend to wait until spring to give their living spaces a good cleaning and a new look, there's no rule that says you can't improve your home during the winter. One space you may want to improve in the coming months is your bathroom. If it's been quite some time since you've brought in fresh discount window treatments, fixtures and tiling, there's no better time to upgrade your space than now. Here are some trends to take advantage of as you revamp your bathroom this winter.

    1. Give your shower some TLC
    Luxurious tubs and shower heads

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