Current Payless Decor Promotions and Coupons

Payless Decor has the lowest everyday prices without any hidden fees. At other window covering online-retailers you'll find they may markup their pricing to allow for deceptive sales (35% off!, buy 2 get 1 free!). Or they hidden handling fees when you are about to purchase (we aren't selling ginsu knives, this is just a way to fool the customer. They know that you probably don't search for window coverings all that often so they can pull a fast one on you. With Payless Decor you can trust that the prices you see are excellent 365 days a year. Check out a few of our limited time promos below:

5% off orders $250 or larger - Use codeĀ 5RS25X18

7% off orders $850 or larger - Use codeĀ 7RS85X18

Add motorization to many of our shades for $99 for a limited time by clicking here

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