Premium Bamboo Shades

Premium Bamboo Shades

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Premium Bamboo Shades
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Bamboo Rustic
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Options Summary

  • 9 popular exotic & natural woven patterns
  • Free 7.25" Upgrade matching valance
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines
  • Industry leading internal components
  • Custom Hand Crafted in the USA to your specifications

We guarantee terrific quality, excellent service, and the best prices!

You will be amazed at how our Premium Bamboo blinds will transform your room. Feng Shui you say? Well, the natural light that is filtered through the openings creates gentle patterns and will keep you in sync with your surroundings. And the experience as you receive the discount bamboo shades should be peaceful as well.

These bamboo roman shades are fabricated using matchstick bamboo, bamboo slats, rattan, jute, grass, reeds, and woven woods. All natural yet environmentally friendly, you will be able to add an earthy rustic appeal to any room of your home with these window treatments.

Cleaning of our bamboo window blinds is a snap; use a common feather duster to swipe over the slats for removing dust. If you feel the need for heavier cleaning, you can use a brush attachment for the vacuum cleaner to sweep over the slats. Be careful not to expose these exotic bamboo window shades to too much moisture unless it is weather treated as it can damage the finish of the shade. Also, never use household cleaners or citrus based cleansers on these discount bamboo blinds because those types of cleaners are too harsh.

To keep prices extremely reasonable on this line we offer limited options; however, if you prefer versatility, see our Platinum, Advantage bamboo shades that offer edge banding, top-down control, and many other features. 90+ styles in all.

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When installing these shades on a large window...about 70wide x 60 length, do you have to use a center support? This is a palladium window, so the center part, above the shade is glass and window frame. Would I be able to mount this on each side?
any top down bottom up bamboo shade?
What is the color in the picture on the website.
I am curious about the black out liner and the privacy liner. I can't seem to locate either on the web site, even though I follow the instructions...
When the shades are pulled up, do they hang below the valance in their folded up state? If so, how far? This would help me determine how high I'd like to put the brackets. My shades will be 50" long.
without the liner do these shades offer privacy at night when they are down? If not which liner would provide that?
Does your bamboo roman shades come in Green/Ivory Bamboo color?
I previously ordred in 2010 Premium Bamboo Shades #40073650 Width:22 1/2" Length 56" and am needing 'black-out' liners (2) (lift cord-right) Please e-mail me and let me know!
What does the +20% mean when it is behind some of the color choices?
Are your premium bamboo shades lined?
How many inches do we allow for the header? For shades at an 84 inch length, what would the length be when the shade was fully raised?
will these shades block the hot sun that comes into the kitchen in the afternoon?
Is there a place on your website where I can see the premium blinds with the privacy shade vs. the blackout shade?
I need bamboo for the interior full-lite porch door....not for the outside. the question is if you make them for full-lite inside porch they fasten at the bottom of the door so they don't swing when opening and closing the door.
I have a double patio door from my dining room to my deck and gardens. I currently have vertical blinds but would like to try something else...was considering bamboo panels, but is there anything else? I was sondering if there was something that would fit right into the patio window (1/2 inch deep) like a shade instead?
are these blinds made to be used outdoor on a screen in deck?
I am going to be ordering a bamboo blind for my kitchen window. When mounting the bracket for an inside installation,do you mount to the inside side of the frame or the back of the frame or do you have the option to do either? I looked at the printed directions and am a bit confused. Thanks!!
I need bamboo shades that are top down. Do you have any that fit this specification?
Are these cordless, if not do you have cordless bamboo roman shades?
What is Roman style of roll type on shade? Do you have an option of roll pull rather than pull cord? I can't reach the pull cord over the counter.
Do you carry bamboo shades that can insulate well; I have a patio door and am not sure how to measure for the shades Inside dimension is 95 X 79...
what is the difference in the privacy liner & the black out liner in terms of material and thickness? Is the material available in different colors? I'm looking at ordering the New Guinea Bamboo Shade with a liner.
Are these "natural bamboo" color of the thin type roll up type?
Looking for 94 inch WIDE bamboo roman shade. Large Anderson window in front of house---could use 4 blinds but would prefer the look of ONE.
What does edge binding refer to? And it is necessary on the bamboo shades? I am ready to submit my order but was unsure if this was needed.
I am ordering the java vintage bamboo shade 36 wide by 80 long. When they are all the way up, how many inches will still be showing on the window?
Ready to order several bamboo blinds. What tupe of hardware is included with the blinds? Will I need to purchase additional hardwRe (beyond screw drivers and such) in order to mount the blinds? Thank you!
I have an extera large window in my living room, 108 inches(w) x 60 (t). Do you have anything this size?
hello - do you sell weather resistant bamboo shades for a screened porch?
From top to bottom what is the height of the bamboo roman shade bracket?
Seeing the note on the bamboo shade description (below) for an inside mount, if I order a 40" width, will it come at 39.5"? The reason I ask is that I need a 40" width blink which still gives me a 1/2" on either side of the frame. "Please note a 1/2" standard deduction on the width of your shade is taken on inside mounted applications. "
do the inside mount shades mount on the window itself or the inside window frame.. my windows are aluminum and it is hard to get screws to stay securely.
I have roman bamboo shades in java vintage. Can you make the sliding panels in the same color?
Can these shades be used outside on a porch?
What is the shipping time for premium bamboo shades?
I live in an old house so nothing is sized exactly the same. I have one window that is 1/4 inch wider than the other. Should I order two separate sizes or both the same size?
Can you tell me what material the fabric liners are for both the privacy and blackout liners??
i have a window 82 inches wide and cannot find a blind that wide. can i mount the blind to the top of the window instead of the sides? that way I could get one almost that wide but id have to mount from the top is that possibke
are the bamboo roman shades appropriate for use on a porch where they will be rained on?
I have a 93 1/2 wide window that I want to order bamboo shades for. I am willing to do 2 side-bid side or 3 shades, however, I can't tell how to do this from the order page. It maxes out at 72 inches and if I order individually you would need to know these were going to be hung side by side.
We have a large window 112" W x 76" H and would like an inexpensive bamboo type shade. Would we need 2- 56" shades? Thanks
on the samples I received, the wood is split on the sides. I assume this would not be the case on the actual blinds.
I have 4 fused Windows that replaced a large picture window. There is no individual trim around each window, but I would like to add individual Roman shades. Can they be mounted to the top trim piece, essentially "hanging" above each separate window.
Could a curtain rod and curtains be hung over an outside mounted bamboo shade?
Do you have any way to hang a bamboo shade to cover a window on a metal door? /
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Premium Bamboo Shades

  • 9 popular exotic & natural woven patterns
  • Free 7.25" Upgrade matching valance
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines
  • Industry leading internal components
  • Custom Hand Crafted in the USA to your specifications