If you're in the market for new discount window treatments, accent decor and furnishings, you may want to narrow down your choices by selecting a color. One hue that continues to grow in popularity is purple, and it's not just a color meant for little girls' bedrooms anymore. Purple comes in multiple shades to suit your interior design goals, whether you want to create a calm environment or one with a hint of romance. Here are some ways that you can incorporate this hue into your home.

Try it in your window treatments
Do you intend to bring in drapes to use over your wood blinds for additional privacy in your living spaces? If so, why not make them purple? This hue is regal and luxurious, meaning it can instantly add elegance to any room in your humble abode. Deep violet or other opaque shades can also help block out light.

Use it on your bed
Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommends using purple around your bed. This can help soften the feeling of hard edges on your bed frame and other furnishings while creating a more relaxing environment. Complement it with yellow decorative accents to add eye-catching contrast to the space.

Apply it to your walls
Purple can be a great way to create a room fit for a queen or king, and all you have to do is utilize it on your walls, according to Elle Decor. If you aren't into the idea of completely covering your walls in violet, choose a more subdued shade such as lavender

By taking these tips into consideration, you can become a pro at using purple in your space. In the end, your friends might eventually start asking you for advice on how to do the same in their homes!