If you feel that the roller shades, wall paint and furnishings in your living room have become outdated, you might want to consider revamping your interior design sooner rather than later - but where should you begin?

There's no easier way to give a room a new look than by adding a fresh splash of color on the walls. Choose a hue that you want to use throughout the space, then get going! For example, selecting blue can give you a focal point as you look for new furniture, discount window treatments and paint for the room.

Bringing out the best in blue
One of the simplest ways to enhance a color and make it truly pop in a living space is to use its complement throughout the room. In the case of blue, bringing orange decorative accents into the area can help create a more cohesive interior design. Consider an orange vase or orange throw pillows in your living room to bring out the best in your blue tones.

Selecting subdued shades
If you're afraid of choosing a primary color that jumps out at you when you walk into the room, keep in mind that there are various shades that you can use that are pleasing to the eye. Martha Stewart recommends selecting subdued shades of blue to create a more relaxing living room.

Making blue feel warmer
One of the biggest critiques of this color is that it can darken the mood and feeling of a living space, but this doesn't have to be the case. When working with blue, Real Simple Magazine recommends choosing shades that have hints of yellow and green in them to warm up your living room. These subtle differences in color can go a long way when it comes to the atmosphere of a space.