Roman shades, the sleek, flat window treatments that fold instead of roll, can be just the thing to bring any room together. Available in tons of colors, this discount window treatment can be perfect�to�complete the decor of the bathroom, kitchen, dining room or any place in your home.

In a new list, HGTV details the many uses of this versatile type of shade. The texture of the window treatment, which is much smoother and often looks more chic than many other, traditional styles, can be used to create a contemporary feel with a regal undertone in many rooms. Getting these shades in tones like purple and royal blue will help to give the light just the right tone to make your sunroom or patio feel like a modern paradise. With free samples available, you'll be sure to find the right style for you and your home.

The look
These shades are a great way to add a look of luxury to your home, notes Better Homes and Gardens. Thanks to their clean fabric lines, Romans look�great both hanging down and folded up, which also means that they work in just about any room - especially one where you want a cleaner, more simplistic look than more cumbersome styles such as drapes.�Compared to many treatments that provide the same level of class and luxury to your decor, these treatments are also often less expensive. The automatic folding of the blinds also makes installing and maintaining them a breeze.�

No matter what room you're trying to complete, there will definitely be a color and style of Roman shades that will help make your home decorating dream a reality.