The big thing on Pinterest these days is a room decked out in white and gold. The color combo screams luxury, because it offers�a mix of Cleopatra and modern day California. Here's how to introduce�the trend in your home.

Custom window treatments
By using bright white drapes and gold-colored hardware, you can hop on this fad naturally. After all, drapes require hardware, and there's nothing unusual about white drapes. Since the look is so casually implemented, you'll have no trouble working it into your existing decor. You'll be surprised at how much shiny new window treatments brighten a room!

Have you ever wanted a throne of your own? A hot white chair with gilded legs can be just that: The perfect addition to your castle. If you're worried about stains, toss a white slip over your existing furniture and top that with a throw with metallic thread. Remember, spray paint can be an inexpensive way to help you transform your decor. Whether you paint it white, gold or both, it'll be a good look for any room in need of a little glitz. Want something more subtle? Try painting a table white, but make the underside gold. Christian Louboutins for your furniture - how chic!�

Picture frames
Photo frames are a cool way to implement this modern trend in an old fashioned way. Mount some high-contrast black-and-white photos or illustrations on white matte paper, and put them in�a few glitzy frames - either opulent or solid - before hanging them around the room. To use the trend in a more obvious way, group the photos near each other on one wall.�

Want to go all out? Just use all of the above tips for breezy, glamorous decor.�