If you recently adopted a puppy, you now have another responsibility. While dogs can provide unwavering companionship, they also require a certain amount of attention. Similar to children, puppies need to be kept away from household items that can pose a threat to their health. For example, some discount window treatments can become entangled in dogs and be hazardous to long-term wellness. That being said, it's not difficult to dog-proof a home and create a safe environment for the new pet. Here are some tips to ensure you never have to worry about your furry family member getting into trouble.

Invest in cordless shades
If you're concerned about your blinds posing a threat to your pet, you may want to invest in cordless shades. These window treatments don't have cords than can potentially entangle animals and create a choking hazard. Cordless shades can also be relatively helpful to parents who want to increase safety around the house for their kids.

Keep chemicals locked away
Everything from cosmetics to cleaning supplies can be hazardous to your new pet, especially if ingested. SheKnows.com recommends storing them away in cabinets with locks to prevent the items from becoming an issue.

Hide away wires 
The American Humane Society recommends keeping wires tied up and out of the reach of animals. Dogs and cats both love chewing on wires which can pose a threat, and it can become a bigger danger when the electronics are left plugged in.

Whether you're familiar with dog ownership or this is your first time owning a pet, these tips can help you keep your furnishings intact while maintaining the health of your animal. In the end, you'll have more peace of mind knowing you're doing your part to keep your pet safe.