You may work hard to add your own decorative flair to each room of your home, whether it's cute homemade decorations, a new paint job or installing faux wood blinds. But clutter can take away from all of your interior design efforts. Follow these home organizing tips to keep a clean room so your home gets the attention it deserves.

Kids' cubbies

Having kids generally means having a mess, but you can do damage control by giving them a place to store all of their toys. You may want to think about constructing some simple cubbies out of a few planks of wood right in their rooms. You can include hooks and little shelves and let them customize with a paintjob of their favorite color and letter stickers to spell their names.

Kitchen cabinets

The more shelf space you have for your dishes and cups the more organized your kitchen will be. If you can't build another full cabinet, Martha Stewart suggests a shallow cabinet that will take up less space and can still fit a few stacks of cups or silverware. To help give your kitchen a more open feel, she also recommends taking the doors off your cabinets.

Closet cure

You don't always have to add something to subtract from the mess, many times you just need to reorganize - this is especially true with closets. To maximize closet space, Living With Lindsay recommends taking everything out and then sorting it into various bins that you can then place on shelving space in your closet. You can also invest in containers that are made to stack on top of each other. For items that can hang, you can install racks or hooks as well.